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A friend suggested a great tongue-in-cheek response for the socialization objection: "Oh no, we don't want our kids to spend their time hanging around with other kids! They might pick up all sorts of bad habits. Besides, they should be studying!" My friend said it's worth it just to see the shock in people's eyes! :)

Raising Autodidacts

Alicia, thank you for reading, commenting, and for your advocacy. Yes, it's an out-dated question. It will take awhile for everyone to get on board. :>)

Alicia Ford

Hi, this is my first time on your blog but my sister-in-law posted a link to this on her facebook page (She and my brother homeschool their 6 children). It's something we considered but didn't venture down in the end. However I was very interested to read your comments on the socialisation issue, as it's something that I advocate about whenever I have the opportunity, ie whenever this issues arises in a social context I'm in. In the past I've known several other homeschooled families and it always struck me how completely at ease the children/teenagers were in social contexts. They could maintain eye contact, answer questions intelligently and make appropriate conversation with people of all ages, particularly adults, but also with younger children. And could do so far better than your average child in mainstream education. Their social ability I credit with their homeschooling and I am always forward in letting everyone know! It astonishes me that the wider public still has this outdated view about homeschooled children.


It's interesting to ask the question if home schooling ruins child's ability to socialize. I think we all the bullying at schools home school is really a great alternative.

Raising Autodidacts

Thank you, Sylvia, that made my day. You are my hero for homeschooling as a single parent. I really believe homeschooling makes the world a better place -- thanks for reading!


I am single parent who decided three years ago to " never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." by ~Albert Einstein
Since then, many 'well meaning' friends and strangers,feel the need to remind me why my two amazing blessings (8 and 11) need to go back to school. "So they can socialize", they say. God forbid they ever do become socialized according to society's standards! I COMPLETELY agree with you and love how well you expressed your views. Thank you for being you. You have no idea how encouraging this was to read. Thank you.

Raising Autodidacts

Lisa, I love that term "forced association." I will be sure to use that in place of the word "socialization" the next time it comes up for discussion. Thanks for reading.


Wonderful article! I have been home schooling my son for just over a year and would have been doing so for longer if I hadn't been talked out of it by teachers who raised the issue of socialization. I finally realised that forced association is not socialization and my son does not need to be in school (where he was bullied and tormented to the point of retaliation and his resulting punishment) to be socialized.

Raising Autodidacts

Thank you Paula, and everyone, for your comments. This is exactly what prompted me to try to understand the meaning of the word "socialization" and write the article. The kind of socialization that parents want their children exposed to is truly mind boggling. I also continually get comments from these same people on how well-behaved and polite my boys are, yet these same people seemingly fail to make the connection between homeschooling and raising a civilized child.


We started to homeschool my daughter this year and for several reasons. One I wanted her to actually learn and two because of the "socialized" peers she had that felt it was ok to put their hands on her and actually hurt her and the teacher doing nothing about it....with that said I do hear all the time when we say she is homeschooled-- You know you have to socialize her. It really strikes a nerve with me that people still think they are locked away with no interaction. The amount of interaction she has is more now then when she was in a traditional school setting and the other homeschooled children are the type of children I want my daughter around. Polite and respectful. Thank you for this it was great to read.

Annie Kate

I love this! Great post.

Annamarie de Villiers George

So true - I am all the more resolved that homeschooling is the way to go and excited about doing life and learning with my kids!

Raising Autodidacts

Thank you, Amy and Ele, for reading...for sharing.


Thank you. And thank you again!


Wonderful article and very encouraging! Thank you. :)

Raising Autodidacts

Thank you for reading, Leah...and for shouting. ;)


This is AWESOME!!!! Wish i could shout this entire article out to the world! But i'm pretty sure i'd lose my voice...

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