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Raising Autodidacts

Wonderful, Tanya, keep us posted on your journey! I will look into Living Math.


After going past the point at which our old curriculum no longer fit my daughter last year (and not realizing it, and pushing on, sigh, and ending up with a kid who says she's bad at math and doesn't like it), we bought the first few Fred books (the elementary ones, Apples and so forth). Enjoying them this year, and starting to add in the books and topics that I found at Living Math (google it, it's literature-based math). I am really hoping to rekindle comfort and joy with numbers.


You're the second homeschooler in the past couple weeks that mentioned the "Fred" books. We are going to start working with them, too. But math is probably the only discipline (well, reading also, but my kids are great readers) that I have a really hard time "letting go" of.

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